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You can make a difference while you shop on GivingTuesday, December 1st. Shop at any matching donor establishment and they will donate to Rosco P Coal Trains Community Outreach.

Make a difference this holiday. Shop for gifts at to generate donations for Rosco P Coal Trains Community Outreach and check out our AmazonSmile Charity Lists to donate items we need most.

Fur Baby Pick of the Week!!!!

Hi, my name is George and here is my story. I am telling you I thought I was going to die. I was starving, I was so hungry my belly quit growling. How in the world did I get in such a mess at 6 years old. Thank goodness I was rescued. They took me in, gave me a little food at a time till I could eat a full meal. I heard them talking, they thought I couldn’t hear them. They said I was one of the worst starved. But just look at me now! I feel like a feisty puppy. I sure love to play. I’m a little Cur and I weigh about 45 pounds. Good and healthy. I can’t get over making sure other dogs aren’t trying to eat my food. I just won’t let that happen. I think it is because I was so starved. Take a look at my beautiful brindle coat.  LOL I think my mom gave it to me.  Need help or more information call: 870.269.7308

You can find other Fur Babies ready for adoption at:

Due to COVID-19 our monthly adoption events are currently on hold. Please check back often to see when it will resume.

“Spaying or Neutering all pets saves lives”

Did you know that cats and dogs do not have to be full-grown to start producing litters? Cats can get pregnant at only a few months of age. Making sure your pets are spayed or neutered will prevent unwanted pregnancies and potentially prolong your pet’s life.

How Can You Help?

Making a tax-deductible financial donation would help us fund our current programs and develop much-needed new programs. There are also many ways to get involved with our organization besides giving money. Donations of time, resources, and even offering a temporary foster home for our loving animals is a tremendous help.

All people and animals deserve a good life and our organization strives to make life better, healthier and more affordable for all.
Your donations mean the world to these precious innocent rescued kids. Without your support so many will die . Help us continue our mission . 100% of all donations go to the rescued kids.


This little kid was a breeder rescue, they are not rejects and they are not broken. These little breeder rescues make wonderful family members . If you are looking for a pure breed check out your rescues and shelters. 


We adopted Meera, a silver-grey miniature Poodle now named Misha, from you June 22, 2019. When Charlie brought her to our home here in Loveland Ohio, she was afraid of everything. Now she snuggles with us all the time and sleeps between us at night. It took a while, but she has learned to use puppy pads for her potty needs. She loves to run about our yard and play with neighborhood children. She plays a little with toys, keeping them in her special spot but is not possessive of them if another dog comes to visit. Unfortunately, when we must go out without her, even for a little while, she cries and howls. It breaks our hearts. Perhaps someday she will realize we will never abandon her.”