I found my furrever home!

Well Titan had been adopted and the family had cats. Titan did not like cats. He was returned the next day. This is his new family, they have no cats and Titan will be a only kid. He belongs to the young man. He made himself right at home. With Mitchel and his mom, Shannon, it was love at first sight. Something Titan will love is getting tons of love and attention. Happy Dance for this sweet family!!!!!!! (1.2020)

What a wonderful day for Duke our big Great Dane . His new home is now in Florida !!!! Yep he was adopted Saturday . His new dad and mom have 2 schnauzers and a big Anatolian shepherd . The Anatolian is 16 years old . This big boy is not done growing . Duke bonded instantly with his new dad. Maybe it was the kiss on the top of the head that sealed the deal. We received a update yesterday . Duke fit right in and they love him very much . He was just what they wanted . So a big happy dance for this gentle Giant . Yea for Duke !!!!! 🥰😍 (1.2020)

When Birdie was rescued and while watching her behaviors it was noticed she was having trouble going pee, pee. It turned out she had three very large stones in her bladder. SHE IS NOW IN HER FOREVER HOME!

Hershey came in starved but with love , food and vetting he became healthy and is now in a loving home .