Rosco P. Coal Train’s Community Outreach is dedicated to serving both the animal and human populations in Mountain View and all of Stone County. We work closely with local officials including the Mountain View Police Department and the Stone County Sheriff’s Office on animal cruelty cases. We also work to rescue stray, abandoned, abused and neglected animals in our area.

Our current services are:

  • A low-cost spay and neuter program, which has already proven wildly successful as more than 700 pets have been altered since summer 2014 (as of April 2015). There’s already a noticeable drop in unwanted litters and a great reduction in the number of litters and adult pets being abandoned.
  • One-on-one visits with people in the region to educate them on pet care and pet nutrition. We plan to start more education classes that cover pet care, obedience training and nutrition.
  • Provide rescue services that offers to keep a pet, with the assistance of foster homes,  until it can be transported to another state for adoption or adopted locally. We are raising money to construct a small, permanent facility that will house pets until they can be adopted or sent to out-of-state rescue organizations.
  • Pet medical assistance is available on a limited, case-by-case basis. We help pay vet bills for the elderly, disabled, and the financially disadvantaged residents.

Our goal is to also offer:

  • A pet food assistance program for the elderly, disabled and others of low socio-economic status. By helping them provide food for their pets, we are making it much more possible for the pet owners to keep their beloved pets.
  • A shelter and rescue assistance program that provides temporary relief to shelters and rescues when donations or adoptions are low or non-existent. Some of the assistance includes food and vetting for rescued animals. This program is available as funds are available.
  • Public assistance program that provides temporary relief to those in need including situations where other programs are not available, loss of employment, or waiting for other assistance programs (such as food stamps or SSI) to flowing funds. This service will only be available when funds are available.
  • Emergency home repair program that helps the elderly, disabled and financially disadvantaged with emergency home repairs such as water line repair or replace, roof repair and broken windows. This is for emergency repairs that the qualifying homeowner cannot afford. The program is available only as funds are available.