Future Services

We have several services that we can either only offer on a limited basis or that we must wait for additional funding before starting the services.

“One on One Visits”

We do one-on-one visits with people in the region to educate them on pet care and pet nutrition. We plan to start more education classes that cover pet care, obedience training and nutrition.

“Pet Assistance”

Pet medical assistance is available on a limited, case-by-case basis. We help pay vet bills for the elderly, disabled, and the financially disadvantaged residents.  This helps people who need care but are unable to provide it themselves.

Pet food assistance program is also available for the elderly, disabled and others of low socio-economic status.

“Shelter and Rescue”

A shelter and rescue assistance program that provides temporary relief to shelters and rescues when donations or adoptions are low or non-existent. Some of the assistance includes food and vetting for rescued animals. This program is available as funds are available.

“Public Assistance”

Public assistance program that provides temporary relief to those in need including situations where other programs are not available, loss of employment, or waiting for other assistance programs (such as food stamps or SSI) to flowing funds. This service will only be available when funds are available.

“Emergency Home Repair”

Emergency home repair program that helps the elderly, disabled and financially disadvantaged with emergency home repairs such as water line repair or replace, roof repair and broken windows. This is for emergency repairs that the qualifying homeowner cannot afford. The program is available only as funds are available.